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The only animals that get hemorrhoids are those who stand on two legs. Most likely here is due to rectal vein congestion because of the pull of gravity. People who are chronically constipated often have piles problems. Resisting the urge to move your bowels at your body’s signal can bring about constipation and then hemorrhoids. A high intake of meat, chook, shrimp, spicy foods and more cause hemorrhoids. The people least prone to get piles are those that have a high percent of vegetables and fibrous food of their diet. Some women get hemorrhoids during pregnancy on account of the uterus compressing the rectal veins. Rectal cancerous lesions might bring on hemorrhoids through obstructing blood flow. With exterior hemorrhoids a protuberance can be seen and felt around the anus. There could be pain and discomfort in the anal area. While straining to expel a stool the pain will be worse.


Excessive pressure applied on the veins causes them to hold too much blood and the veins swell and stretch out as a result.

A thrombosed exterior hemorrhoid looks alternative from other visible hemorrhoids as the color is blue or red.


The patient may feel a pulsation near the rectum and their again may feel achy. Warmth will make the signs even worse. The 7th remedy is Ignatia. Patients who adventure spasms and stabbing pains can use this to help. It’s superb for individuals who’re sensitive or emotional. If the affected person coughs, he might feel a sewing pain near the rectal area. Patients find the bleeding is worse if the stool is loose. Sometimes patients suffer from rectal prolapse after a bowel movement. The eighth remedy is Nux Vomica. When the patient suffers from itching or painful hemorrhoids this remedy is superb. It also relieves the feeling of constriction in the rectum.

That occurs only when the arterial supply of the hemorrhoid is in some way or any other constricted.

Visit your doctor if you believe that you have hemorrhoids.
There are two main types of hemorrhoids as the image illustrates; internal and external. Venapro There are two main types of hemorrhoids as the image illustrates; internal and external.
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